Welcome to the world of a midlife rocker, the blog all about how rocking your life can be even if you’re hitting the middle of your life. I am not letting age stop me, it’s just a state of mind. 

At 47, I have a great job as a TV exec, a gorgeous wife and beautiful kids, I’m a lead singer in a great local cover band called Second Wind, I write music-oriented articles for some of the top local newspaper chains, I still go to live concerts all the time, basically I still try to get the very most outta life.

So if you stop by here now and then, you know you’ll get something cool to check out, maybe it’ll be about music, whether it’s about my band or some one I’m profiling, or something just cool about life in general. I’ve thrown a bunch of recent articles and columns that I’ve written on here, plus here’s the link to my band’s myspace page, for starters: www.myspace.com/secondwindva.

Please stop back and let’s be friends. And i hope you enjoy learning a little bit about the world of a…midlife rocker.

Peace, Steve


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