If you say that change ain’t gonna come, or will take forever even though Barack Obama has been elected President…sorry folks.

Change is here.

No matter what your political persuasion is, you have to agree that the profundity of yesterday’s historic election of the United States’ first black President is massively palpable in almost every corner of this country, and the world right now. Even today already, Americans overseas are reporting an uptick in affection and reverence from complete strangers in several countries, all due to Obama’s win. And it cannot be denied that no matter how long it takes to get our troops out of Iraq, or fix the current economic mess, or restore the positive image of America in the eyes of the world (as evidenced already this election in itself will undoubtedly help that cause greatly and quickly), in effect, change HAS come to our country with Obama’s election, and with a loud resounding gong.

One hundred forty years ago, thirty percent of the population of this country were slaves. Even as recent as fifty years ago, blacks were not allowed to eat or drink in the same places as whites and were regarded as second class citizens by many. And even today, we still have horrendous flashes of racism in our country, with innocent people dragged behind cars and nooses displayed in trees. With Barack Obama’s election, no, the racism won’t automatically stop, in fact, it could energize the miniscule hard core racist sector of our nation. But all in all, for the first real time in our history, black children, hell, any child who feels they can’t, can now be legitimately told, “Yes, you can” when they ask if they will be able to achieve greatness in their lives. Sure, maybe they could before, if they clawed and scratched and worked harder than many. But the election of Barack Obama sends a message ringing as loudly as any message ever has across this country and the world, that no matter what history of oppression and prejudice has existed before, no matter how downtrodden a people or a society has felt, it’s true…we shall overcome.


Today, as Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Malia take a break and ponder their future in the White House as America’s First Family, all with that new puppy Dad said will come along with them, you have to think that in neighborhoods across the country, and in villages across the world, those who have felt that dreams don’t come true now think that…yes, by God, they CAN.

Go tell it on the mountain.


4 Responses to “CHANGE HAS COME”

  1. Kudos and well stated. It feels historic. Think of how much has changed from his first day campaigning up to the day he was elected. It’s hard to grasp all at once. It will take between now and Inauguration Day to fully realize what has happened to our nation.

  2. You’re right Steve. A historic moment indeed. Proof that the seemingly unattainable is merely a limitation we impose on ourselves and each other. Truly anything is possible in this great country – if we work together. As a first generation American, this has special and significant meaning to me. Keep on ROCKIN’ in the FREE WORLD!

  3. Amen, Steve. And I know it wasn’t lost on you that they were playing Bruce in Grant Park last night…

  4. go obama! obama rocks — love your blog —

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