I’ve been a Bruce Springsteen fan for almost exactly 30 years now. It started my freshman year at college in September of 1978 when my roommate and dear friend Jim Cox brought Darkness On The Edge Of Town, Bruce’s brilliant follow up to Born To Run, back from a trip home to New Jersey. There began a love affair with this man and his music that would carry to this day. Here’s another reason I love the guy.

Bruce rarely endorses political candidates, but put his rare support behind John Kerry on the Vote For Change tour of 2004, unfortunately in a losing effort. Bruce has come out passionatey in the last month in support of Barack Obama with a series of solo performances, one benefit show in NYC and a number of free rallies in America’s heartland, and yeah, I could not be happier. Bruce’s eloquence, sincerity, passion and poetic discourse is back on the stump again, and in the video above, you can feel the raw power of his words, and how his music and his voice relates directly to what Barack stands for.

There are seven…six…five days left until a day that could change the direction of our country, and Barack has Bruce on his side. Barack was born to run…and Bruce knows it. Come on up…for the rising.


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