It’s funny how your music can move people. I mean, look at that sign above and see! And just think…even the elusive Sarah Palin might show given she’s now a famous Pentecostal babe!

If she does…I just might have to sing “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” by REM!

Actually, this is all just a goofy way for us to get butts in seats and on the dance floor at the great McGinty’s Public House in Silver Spring (www.mcgintyspublichouse.com) this Saturday for our first public gig in Maryland since this whole crazy Second Wind ride began two and half plus years ago! We’ll take the Lord’s intervention (or Lucifer’s for that matter) to get a big crowd on hand for this sure-to-be-rocking time. Be sure to check out our website/page for details on the band and stuff (www.myspace.com/secondwindva) to see what you’ll be getting yourself into!

Come on my children, all praise the Second Wind Nation, and get down on your knees to feel the power! We hope to see ya’ll there.


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