Maybe the moral of the story of our recent private party gig in Davidsonville MD is:

You get what you pay for.

This past Saturday night, our “little-cover-band-that-could” Second Wind played Mike and Sherry Brown’s big fall bash out in Anne Arundel County after Mike outbid everyone for us in an auction at a Katrina documentary gig we played a few months ago. Well little did the Browns know that Second Wind would come in and blow their house down. Things started out a bit dicey as our volume drowned out the chit chat of their earlier arriving guests and threatened to bring down the plaster in their amazing McMansion of a house. But even with the volume issues, people really seemed to dig us. By the second set, we had people dancing, twirling and whirling to songs like “Jambalaya”, “Iko Iko” and the Dead’s “Franklin’s Tower.” But by the third set, the dance floor was packed and people were singing along to every tune. Check out this video of the partygoers as the party got rockin’ and things got a little crazy:

Heh, heh. Party host Mike Brown emailed me today with this very nice thank you:


We really enjoyed having you, thanks for playing. Everyone had a great time and your band received many compliments throughout the night. No worries about being loud in the beginning. The older people were not used to it, but after they left, it really got rocking, just like I wanted it to!

Thanks, Mike

Hey, as long as the host was happy! See you all at McGinty’s in Silver Spring Oct 4th!


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